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About Nordic SeaFarm

A blue revolution.

In the heart of an ocean-side research institution, where curiosity and innovation flowed as freely as the tides, a group of Marine Biologists and scientists embarked on a transformative journey - asking “what environmental impact does a large scale seaweed farm have on ocean health?". The answer was so great that Nordic Seafarm was founded, and a vision of a regenerative planet catalyzed by seaweed was created.

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Research & development is in our DNA, and is why we have successfully completed multiple EU-research projects over the years and why we continuously break through with new innovative ways of farming seaweed at scale in the ocean. We exist to drive change and to create a regenerative and prosperous planet.

Today, Nordic SeaFarm is one of Europe's leading producers of sustainably farmed seaweed and works with a range of stakeholders to develop new products and services. We have control over the whole value chain, from spores to product, and only produce the highest quality product.

We founded Nordic Seafarm based on our successful cooperative university research that convinced us that there is a possibility to create a new seaweed based industry in Sweden with a focus on a sustainable production of food, feed and materials based on seaweeds cultivated in the sea. Our feeling was right we are there now in the start of the “Blue Revolution”

Fredrik Gröndahl, Founder 

01. Otterön Farm

The largest seaweed farm in Sweden, is located in prestine waters outside the coastal village Fjällbacka, off the west coast of Sweden.

At our state of the art seaweed farm we cultivate both sugar kelp and sea lettuce. Our farm contributes to healthier oceans by inceaseing marine biodiversity and sequstation of excess nutrients.



The Nordic SeaFarm's team share a common goal: harnessing the incredible potential of seaweed for a sustainable future. With diverse expertise in marine biology, aquaculture, processing and sales, we are on a mission to explore the countless applications of seaweed, from food innovation to sustainable biomaterial sources.

Together, we work tirelessly to unlock the hidden treasures of the ocean and drive positive change in our world. Join us on this exciting journey as we dive into the deep blue and unlock the secrets of seaweed's remarkable possibilities.

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