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Forms Joint Venture with Ocean Collective

Ocean Collective forms joint venture with Nordic SeaFarm to develop new plant-based food from the sea

The newly formed company will be co-owned by OceanCollective and Nordic SeaFarm with the aim of developing several new food concepts where seaweed and other marine ingredients will be prominent. Over time, several new food concepts will be presented, both developed in-house and under its own brand, as well as through partnerships with other global players.

– The health of the oceans is crucial for the survival of our planet. “Food from the sea is a superior source of protein from both a sustainability and nutritional perspective, but we need to develop more offers and create new food concepts so that more consumers find their way to sea-based food. The area is still at an early stage and we will therefore seek broad collaborations with various actors who share our vision,” says JörgenBergqvist, CEO of Ocean Collective and Chairman of the Board of Ocean Next.

For Nordic SeaFarm , the new partnership represents an opportunity to both increase the accessibility of seaweed to the consumer, and also to explore a new form of collaboration that could provide a future model for scaling the new industry across multiple application areas.

– Seaweed is a fully regenerative crop that can reduce the pressure of cultivation on land while contributing to saving the oceans by absorbing carbon dioxide and strengthening biodiversity, “To realize the potential of seaweed we need to have more strategic partnerships and explore new business models and we are very positive about the possibility of combining the strengths of our two companies in the new venture Ocean Next,” says SimonJohansson, CEO of Nordic SeaFarm.

About Nordic SeaFarm AB

Nordic SeaFarm is born from leading research at the University of Gothenburg and is today one of Europe’s leading producers of cultivated seaweed. The company’s purpose is to drive a blue revolution where we together can use the ocean to grow regenerative and scalable crops for a growing population.

About Ocean Collective AB

Ocean Collective is a newly formed Swedish industry group whose purpose is to change the human relationship with our oceans and accelerate new sustainable solutions. We are pragmatic visionaries and combine existing and new solutions by collaborating with others to achieve maximum positive impact.We believe that the development of new technologies combined with achieving broad consumer acceptance will play a crucial role in achieving a more sustainable society.

Ocean Collective is founded and run by Jörgen Bergqvist, Anders Jacobson, and Vilhelm Sundström.

Contact person:

Jörgen Bergqvist, Ocean Collective AB, phone 0730 52 24 84

SimonJohansson, Nordic Seafarm, AB, phone 0720 19 21 83