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OX2 x Nordic SeaFarm

OX2 has signed letters of intent with the companies Kobb and Nordic SeaFarm to investigate opportunities for large-scale cultivation of seaweed at the planned Galatea-Galene offshore wind farm in the Swedish economic zone off the coast of Falkenberg and Varberg.

The wind farm called Galatea-Galene is divided into two areas. Galatea is located about 25 km outside Falkenberg and Galene about 25 km outside Varberg. The now planned added seaweed cultivation takes up carbon dioxide from eutrophication as nitrogen and phosphorus from the sea and is circulated back to land as food.

The wind farm comprises a total of up to 101 wind turbines, with a maximum height of 340 meters. The planned production of electricity from the wind farm amounts to about 6-7 TWh per year, which corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of about 1.2 million households, or every fourth household in Sweden (5,000 KWh/household).

– In addition to supplying a large amount of new Swedish renewable electricity to southern Sweden, there are now opportunities for synergy effects for the region, the fishing industry and aquaculture. “We will now work together to investigate the potential for large-scale, sustainable and commercially viable mariculture, which if implemented will create new jobs for the region,” says Hillevi Priscar, Country Manager for OX2 Sweden.

– We see great opportunities in cooperation with both the fishing industry and the wind power industry to both maintain and create new jobs when we investigate the possibilities of creating a new industry in Sweden in the form of large-scale aquaculture. Developing the national food supply at the same time as farming contributes to stopping the negative effects of climate change are several positive aspects. This is what Benjamin Ajo and Simon Johansson, Chairman of the Board of Kobb and CEO of Nordic SeaFarm, respectively, say in a joint statement.

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