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Winner: Impact Maker Award

Jury’s Motivation for the winner:

By looking towards a vast blue future potential, the winners have successfully taken the first steps towards the upscaling of a new raw material for food consumption. The product represents a promising source of protein that, with gentle harvesting for the marine environment, can also contribute to reducing eutrophication. Based on a revolutionary method for cultivation and production.

Impact Maker Award A startup prize in the food industry in collaboration between Food in Focus, Bird & Bird, Lantmännen, Paulig, and Vinnova.

The purpose of the award is to highlight innovative startups within the food system as a source of inspiration and successful innovation. The ambition is to encourage trade, industry, and suppliers to further invest in startups as a powerful source of innovation. In a broader system context, we also aim to inspire and contribute to many more good examples of startup concepts and growth journeys.

The winner will be awarded the prestigious title of Impact Maker Award and will receive 100,000 SEK. This will take place at the award ceremony at Food in Focus, Livsmedelsdagarna, on September 21st in Tylösand. The prize is intended to be used for the continued development of successful innovation in the food sector.

The jury members’ assessment criteria include:

  1. Uniqueness
  2. Scalability, growth, and profitability potential
  3. Innovation level
  4. Impact/Sustainability potential with a focus on the environment and health, contributing to agenda 2030
  5. Readiness for collaboration with established companies
  6. Clear business model
  7. Early-stage in the capital-raising journey